Update on New Blended Learning Opt-in Window for Families (March 24 – April 7)

As announced last Friday, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) updated its recommendations for physical distancing in schools, decreasing it from six feet to three feet for students in most cases. This is welcome news with respect to in-person learning, allowing us to bring additional students back into buildings. As shared last Friday, we are opening another opt-in window for families beginning this Wednesday, March 24 through Wednesday, April 7. Students in 3-K, pre-K, and grades K-5, including K-5 students in district 75, who opt into blended learning during this opt-in window will return to buildings in April. Students in grades 6-12 will return at a later date, and we will communicate more details as soon as possible. 

The process for blended learning opt-in is outlined below: 

Wednesday March 24 – Wednesday April 7: Blended Learning Opt-In Window for Families

  • Families requesting to change from 100% remote to blended learning should complete and submit the Learning Preference Survey during this window. Families can also call 311 to complete the survey over the phone. Schools are encouraged to reach out to all 100% remote families for whom it is unclear whether they plan to opt in to blended learning or remain in remote-only learning to complete the survey. If a family that is currently opted into remote learning does not complete the survey indicating a preference for blended learning during this opt-in window, their student will remain fully remote.
  • We will be sharing this information widely with families and we ask that you please share the information directly with your 100% remote families in your school communities as well, using the attached letter for families. Translations of the family letter will be available later today at schools.nyc.gov/messagesforfamilies. Updates can be found at schools.nyc.gov/coronavirus.
  • As indicated in the survey and attached family letter, families that are interested in opting-in to blended learning in this upcoming window must submit student consent for mandatory weekly Covid-19 testing.
  • During this time, superintendents, executive superintendents, and Central DOE will begin supporting schools to ensure all students who wish to engage in blended learning are accommodated.