Information regarding 2021 MCSM Summer Rising/Summer Bridge

Welcome to MCSM Summer Rising 2021!

 Summer rising starts July 6 and Summer Bridge will start the following week on July 12th. 

 Students should enter the school through the rear of the building via the cafeteria. Students will have access to the building beginning at 7:30 where they can pick up their breakfasts and wait for the summer rising courses to begin. Programs will be in the cafeteria for students to pick up.

 Students who arrive after 8 can pick up their printed programs in the main office on the first floor. Any student that shows up without a program must report to 152 so that they can be enrolled and programmed accordingly. 

 The schedule is as follows:

Period 1 8:00

Period 2 10:00

Period 3 12:00

Dismissal 2:00

 Lunch: Students will be called down to pick up lunch from the cafeteria 11:45-12:15.


We look forward to welcoming you!