MCSM Curriculum Night 4:00 – 6:45 P.M.

MCSM Curriculum Night 4 – 6:45 P.M.

*We will repeat 1st period so that latecomers are able to go to that class at the end of the evening.

 Come join us in person Tuesday October 5th...follow your student's schedule and meet their teachers! Experience a day in the life of your MCSM student!

You will receive their schedule when you arrive.

 Please enter the building through the main entrance on Pleasant Avenue and have proof of vaccine ready.

 The schedule of the night is 




4:05 PM 

4:17 PM 

4:23 PM 

4:35 PM 

4:40 PM 

4:52 PM 

4:57 PM 

5:09 PM 

5:14 PM 

5:26 PM 

5:31 PM 

5:43 PM 

5:48 PM 

6:00 PM 

6:05 PM 

6:17 PM 

6:22 PM 


 ** During your student’s lunch period, visit the school store in the auditorium and/or the cafeteria where we have guidance counselors, PupilPath help, club table and bake sales J