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We develop collaborative critical thinkers that take on challenges and solve problems. At whatever “level” students enter, all students will graduate with the skills required to pursue their dreams to be innovators and change agents. Ensuring that we use student data, we as educators implement creative interventions by our own design to ensure thinking skills are practiced, developed, and assessed through tasks, inquiry, and research. We welcome families to engage in the development of their children by participating in conferences, presentations, and symposiums. Through imagination and innovation, every student in our care will succeed and excel at achieving any goal or dream they set. Together, we will build a great, big, beautiful tomorrow.


We educate and INSPIRE the leaders and problem solvers of tomorrow.


Our seven core values- Integrity, Nerve, Supportive, Partnership, Imagination, Respect, and Excellence (INSPIRE) are grounded in our institution’s principles that students will be leaders and individuals who will change the future of their communities and science and technology at large. Our core values shape our existence and inspire us to do what is right, serve our community, work hard and learn as much as we can.  At MCSM our core values are treated as a matter of obligation and are at the root of our daily decisions, actions, and behaviors.


At MCSM we believe in high morals and ethical standards that are rooted in our core values. We represent the highest standards of personal and professional ethics in all aspects of our school. We uphold and collaboratively enforce the rules and practices that govern INSPIRE. We stand up for our equity and excellence and accept responsibility for our own mistakes and commit to making things right by actions not just words. We consider and treat academic dishonesty as a very serious offense, and work to remedy each case with each student to rectify and correct the situation. 


At MCSM we strive to build a community of fearless teachers and students to tackle the daily challenges that present themselves to our community. We communicate and share information openly with each other. We have difficult conversations, when necessary, that push our collective thinking further on issues of equity and access.  We recognize and reward accomplishments and we share success and failures so that we can learn from each other. We hold one another to high expectations, including college and job preparation.


At MCSM we respect our core values and the dignity of each student, teacher, parent, school leader and member of the community at large. We take on responsibility for helping others by being part of and contributing fully to the team. We foster an environment where trust and openness are the norms. We collaboratively resolve problems with individuals in a respectful manner. We work hard to ensure that future generations of our students who need us the most succeed and contribute to the success of others. 


At MCSM we embrace and celebrate cultural and educational differences through partnerships and teamwork. We foster an atmosphere that supports and encourages diversity and community connections. We create an inclusive environment where everyone is valued and supported and value the teamwork, we have with each other as colleagues and celebrate that partnership. We engage in ongoing dialogue to explore, share and celebrate who we are and offer our service to colleagues in need.


At MCSM we foster the spirit of imagination seen through leadership and problem solving. Imagination is at the heart of our problem-solving skills. We welcome creativity and innovation by bringing together multicultural perspectives. We value blue sky ideas and find ways to make the dreams of our students come true. We collectively use our bright ideas to spark the change within the building. Together at MCSM we own each problem and challenge, here, no one is alone, and we commit to using our imaginative solutions and we ensure that they do not fail. At MCSM, we understand and agree what failing forward looks like and feel safe to take risks to keep MCSM great for students, their families, and the communities we represent. We encourage everyone to view challenges as opportunities.


At MCSM we respect our core values and the dignity of each student, teacher, parent, school leader and member of the community. We develop a strong sense of respect for self, others, and the community. We foster an environment where trust and openness are the norms. We collaboratively resolve problems with individuals in a respectful manner. We inspire an environment where students feel safe to express their individuality, take educational risks, and have a growth mindset for themselves and others. 


At MCSM we hold our students and ourselves to the highest academic and behavioral expectations. Through using student achievement data, we support the cognitive development of each and every student, no matter the ability that they come to us. We lead by example in our school, homes, and communities. We expect the best from the members of our school community. We strive to produce and deliver the highest quality lessons and service.