All student records are managed in accordance with and subject to FERPA. (FAQ)


  • Student Release
Students leaving school early notify the assigned guidance counselor in order to sign out in the guidance office.
A staff member will confirm with the family that the student is leaving;
and will then notify the school safety allowing the student to exit from the main lobby.


  • Absence reporting  
If well enough, students notify the school by emailing their teachers and guidance counselors the reason and duration of their absence.
Teachers will provide access to the missed work and the chance to make it up.
Parents must confirm the absence with an absence note via email to the student’s guidance counselor.
Teachers will record the student absence on school records. 
Parental confirmation of an absence will mark the absence excused.
It will not mark a student present as the student was not in the building.


  • Attendance records
Parents and students can view attendance records on Pupil Path.
Attendance displayed on pupil path may not always reflect the DOE record, as this is a third party vendor.
Inquiries for attendance and attendance records must be sent to Ms. Cruz via email at:

 [email protected]


  • Proof of student registration
Inquiries for registration records must be sent to Ms. Cruz via email at:

[email protected]


  • Academic records
Inquiries for former students must be sent to Ms. Cruz via email at:

[email protected]

Inquiries for current students must be sent to Ms. Torres at:

[email protected]


  • Address change
Address and contact changes are vital to maintain communication.
The best place for families to change their information directly is on their NYC schools account.
If you do not have an NYC Schools Account↗ please contact [email protected] or go to NYC Schools Account↗.


All home contact changes must be emailed to [email protected]


*** These forms may be submitted to Ms. Torres in room 148.

 *** Lost Items are posted in pupil path messages.