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Pupil Personnel Services


Located in room 148

Office Phone: 212-876-4639



Assistant Principal - Mr. Salek, [email protected]

AP Secretary - Ms. Torres, ext. 1486, [email protected]

Pupil Personnel Accounting Secretary – Ms. Cruz, ext. 1502, [email protected]

Attendance Coordinator – Ms. Nunez, ext. 1516, [email protected]

Attendance Teacher – Mr. Leal, [email protected]


Guidance Counselors:

Grade 12 – Ms. Quinde, ext. 1483, [email protected]

Grade 11 – Ms. Valle, ext. 1482, [email protected]

Grade 10 – Ms. McMillan, ext. 150, [email protected]

Grade 09 – Ms. Gerena, ext. 1484, [email protected]


College Office:

College Counselor – Ms. Chu, ext. 2221, [email protected]


Bilingual Social Worker

Ms. Noelia Perez, Ext. 1072, [email protected]


The Pupil Personnel Office provides a full spectrum of student services coordinated by an interdisciplinary team. Guidance counselors are the primary service providers encompassing academic advisement, social-emotional supports, as well as college guidance. Student services are tiered in three levels to address school wide, small group, and individual needs. The college office works with all grades throughout the year and maintains an open-door policy for all students. Junior and senior students require more attention during their parts of the college application process. Ensuring that all grades are provided with college access sophomore and freshman students are supported primarily by the guidance counselor, while beginning to take AP courses. The administrative team is responsible for all admissions, discharges, records and data pertaining to students. 


MCSM students typically earn an advanced Regents diploma. These are the graduation exam and credit requirements listed. The vast majority of Manhattan Center students graduate with eight to ten credits over the minimum because they are required to take four years of Math and Science, as well as three years of a Language Other than English. This course load allows our students to complete the elective required credits in the graduation requirement distribution listed below.

Advanced Regents Diploma Requirements

Examination Requirements

Students must score 65 or higher on the following nine exams to earn an advanced Regents diploma.

  • English Language Arts (ELA)
  • Three math exams (Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II/Trigonometry)
  • One social studies exam (Global History and Geography or U.S. History and Government)
  • Two science exams (Living Environment and one of these: Chemistry, Earth Science, or Physics)
  • Any additional Regents exam, or another option approved by the State
  • Any NYC World Languages exam (also known as Languages Other Than English (LOTE) exam)


Credit Requirements

Students need 44 credits in these subject areas to earn an Advanced Regents diploma. This is the same total number of credits as a Regents diploma, but with more courses in a language other than English (LOTE) and fewer elective courses.

  • 8 credits in core English
  • 8 credits in social studies, including:
    • 4 credits in Global History
    • 2 credits in U.S. History
    • 1 credit in Participation in Government
    • 1 credit in Economics
  • 6 credits in math, including:
    • At least 2 credits in advanced math (for example, Geometry or Algebra II)
  • 6 credits in science, including:
    • 2 credits in any life science
    • credits in any physical science
    • 2 credits in any life science or physical science
  • 6 credits in World Languages
  • 4 credits in physical education, every year in specific ways
  • 1 credit in health education
  • 2 credits in arts education, including visual arts, music, dance, and theater
  • 3 credits in electives

Students only need two World Language credits if they are earning an arts or CTE endorsement. Some students who have a disability that makes it challenging to learn a language can earn credits in other subjects instead of World Languages.

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