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Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics High School has established the International Student and Teacher Exchange Program (ISTEP) for Science and Mathematics in April 2009 as an extension of its signature program, The Advanced Science Research (ASR) Program.

Established in 1999, ASR is a three-year research program for student to design a research topic, contact possible mentors, and begin experimental or theoretical research in university laboratory under the supervision of faculty. Through the implementation of this program, students in MCSM were provided with extraordinary opportunities to work with scientists in cutting-edge scientific fields. Students in the ASR program have received more than 526 external recognitions, awards, and scholarships from major science research foundations and competition from major science research foundations and competitions that include the New York City Science and Engineering Fair (NYCSEF), Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF), and Young Naturalists Awards, among others.

Students in the ASR Program and other science and math classes to have the opportunity engage in authentic science research with students and teachers overseas. Teachers from different countries will also be given the opportunity to engage in close collaborative exchange where teaching methodology will be discussed and implemented. The goal of this program is to foster scientific collaboration across continents through an effort supported by MCSM and external funding. The National Academies and the National Science Foundation encourage international collaborative efforts. ISTEP will initiate this effort at the high school level.

Currently, both ASR and ISTEP are being replicated in different schools internationally. Since 2009, ISTEP has received formal public recognition for program excellence from private industries and research universities.

Some of the awards include:
- 2013 Best Science Research Program in NYC from SUNY at Albany
- 2012 Ecology/Environmental Science Teaching Award from NABT
- Awarded participation in the 2013 Mammals Tracking Program at the Black Rock Forest Consortium

Other new collaborations include:
- Participating in the Blue Energy Programme at Maurick College and Wetsus in the Netherlands, and joint research collaboration with the Raffles Institution in Singapore.

ASR Student Research:
Wistar Research
General Research
Cells Research
Hudson Research
Marine Research
Pollen Research
Metal Research
Crystal Research
Neurology Research