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Tutoring Schedule 01

MCSM Tutoring Schedule

3:30 - 4:30pm




Subject  Day Room
Algebra 1 Monday - Friday 325
Algebra 2 Monday - Friday 361
Algebra 2 Enrichment Monday - Friday 327
Geometry Monday - Friday 351
Calculus AB Thursday 347
Calculus BC Tuesday and Thursday 351
*** Additional ***

Tutoring for January & February for Calculus BC

Saturday 1/28, 2/4, and 2/11  351


Subject Teacher Day Room
Global History I
Dejesus Friday 358
Global History I Li Wednesday 358
Global I Piel Thursday B48
Global / US History Hernandez Monday 365
Global 1 / AP World Mladinich Wednesday 326
US History Cohen Wednesday 368
AP Government Canobbio Tuesday 326
AP Psychology Piel Wednesday B48
APUSH / & US Drmachich Tuesday 336
AP World Chu Tuesday B62
US History and Government Magee Tuesday 366
Global (10th Grade) / US History Tapia Wednesday 336


Subject Teacher Day Room
Physics Coku Tuesday 335
Physics Deutsch Wednesday 379
Physics Gandhi Tuesday-Wednesday 316
Physics Jung Monday-Friday 335
Living Environment Diaz Thursday 302
Living Environment Larsen Tuesday 315
Living Environment Mei Monday and Tuesday 324
Living Environment Parsons Monday and Wednesday 324
Living Environment Sterling Wednesday 302
Living Environment Makeup Lap Thursday 313
AP Bio Moshos Tuesday 304
Earth Science Lebron Monday, Wednesday and Friday 378
Earth Science Montalvo Monday and Wednesday 301
Earth Science Richter Tuesday and Thursday 301
Earth Science Wolf Monday and Thursday 378
Chemistry Mannan Monday and Thursday 367
Chemistry Petrillo Wednesday 367
Chemistry Salazar Monday and Wednesday 381
Chemistry Salazar (Bilingual) Tuesday 381
Chemistry Wing Wednesday and Thursday 380


Subject Teacher Day Room
9Th Grade ELA Kourani Wednesday 111
9TH Grade ELA Youngerman Monday B13
10Th Grade ELA Hidalgo Monday and Wednesday B51
11TH Grade ELA Tramm Wednesday 163
ELA/Speech Hopkins Monday and Tuesday B60-A
ELA/Speech Southworth Monday and Tuesday B60-B