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Visitor Pass Request Form

Effective immediately, If you wish to host a visitor(s) to the school building, please complete this Visitor Pass Request Form in its entirety. Thank you in advance for cooperating with us in an effort to continuously improve the building’s safety for all of us here.


Visitor Pass Request Form


Upon submission of this form, your immediate supervisor will be notified, and they will be responsible for informing you if your visitor(s) has been approved.  Do not schedule a visit until final approval is received. If you have any questions about completing this form, please contact your immediate supervisor.


If you have been approved to host a visitor(s) in the school, you must adhere to the following:

  1. All visitors must present their IDs and proof of vaccination at the security desk in the main entrance.
  2. Visitors will be issued a visitor badge sticker by school safety, and it must be worn by the visitor(s) throughout the entire duration of the visit. 
  3. You must meet your visitor(s) at the security desk in the main entrance.  (Visitors will not be permitted past the security desk if the host is not there to pick them up.)
  4. You must remain with your visitor(s) throughout the entire duration of their visit. 
  5. At the conclusion of the visit, you must escort your visitor(s) to the security desk so school safety can confirm that they have left the school premises.